What is TechnicalPalash.Com?

TechnicalPalash.Com is a resource to teach you Digital Marketing for FREE.

I also help people in creating strategies for their online businesses and to new entrepreneurs in generating passive income online.

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My 2020 Goals

  • Help 1,000,000 people to start their Digital Marketing Journey.
  • Scale all my niche sites to drive more than 1 million visitors/day.
  • I 'll start the youtube channel
  • Read 100 books on my kindle.
  • Maintain a healthy body.


Welcome to TechnicalPalash.com! I’m so grateful for your interest in this community and my personal story.

About Palash Das

  • Movie

    Shawshank Redemption

  • Book

    Zero to One, Experts Secret

  • Game

    God of War, Call of Duty, PUBG

  • Gadget reviews

    Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets

Love Travelling

  • Set Goals Daily
  • Manage your Time Efficiently
  • Measure and Track Everything
  • Budget and Spend Wisely
  • Pay yourself First
  • Exercise Every Day
  • Make Healthy Choices
  • Get Proper Sleep
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Take Daily Action